Patient information leaflets

DPD deficiency patient information sheet

Colleagues in the Medical Oncology Workstream of the Yorkshire Cancer Research Bowel Cancer Improvement Programme and the BCI UK PPG have co-developed a patient information sheet about DPD deficiency and DPYD gene testing.

DPD deficiency testing is routinely offered by Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust to all cancer patients ahead of carrying out chemotherapy treatment. The patient information sheet, was produced after it was found that there is a lack of patient-friendly information about DPD testing currently available.

Patients with a DPD deficiency are more likely to get severe, sometimes life threatening, side effects from certain chemotherapy drugs. Individuals who are most at risk of DPD deficiency can be identified by taking a blood sample to test for mutations (changes) in the DPYD gene. This test means that the safety of treatment can be improved if it is known who has a DPD deficiency before starting chemotherapy treatment.

The information sheet, designed for Oncologist’s to give to cancer patients ahead of them being treated with a fluoropyrimidine chemotherapy drug, explains what DPD is, why it is important to find out if you have DPD deficiency and what happens if you are found to have a deficiency.

A copy of the Patient Information Sheets can be downloaded below along with a separate document which gives patients more information in the event that they are found to have a DPD deficiency.


Chemo-radiotherapy treatment for rectal cancer

Members of the BCI UK PPG worked with colleagues in the Clinical Oncology workstream of the Yorkshire Cancer Research Bowel Cancer Improvement Programme to produce a patient information sheet on chemo-radiotherapy treatment for rectal cancer.

The leaflet has been shared with other radiotherapy centres in the Yorkshire and Humber region to be used in their Trusts and has also been shared with the Royal College of Radiologists as part of their wider work on consent.

A sample copy of the patient information sheet currently used in Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust can be viewed here.