About us

The Bowel Cancer Intelligence UK Patient-Public Group UK (BCI UK PPG) was established in 2016.

We are a team of independent patient advocates who represent the bowel cancer population and the public at large. We provide direction to the UK Colorectal Cancer Intelligence Hub and the Yorkshire Cancer Research Bowel Cancer Improvement Programme to ensure they stay focussed on producing intelligence to advance bowel cancer care. Our role is to act as critical friends to help them in their mission to drive the production and analysis of data that will improve bowel cancer outcomes across the UK.

Our group is very active, we:

Paul Ewart, a former colorectal cancer patient, is Chair of the group and we are supported by our Engagement Manager, Emily Connearn, and a programme of training. If you are interested in being involved please contact Emily.

You can also follow us on Twitter @BCI_UK.