Fostering analysis skills in future doctors

Analysis projects for first year medical students

Later this month fifteen medical students will be undertaking analysis projects with BCI UK as part of their training. Their Special Studies Projects (SSPs) are part of the Research Evaluation and Special Studies (RESS) theme and will use simulated data to develop their analytical skills. The students will devise their own SSP research question in one of three areas: colorectal cancer survival; emergency readmission of rectal cancer patients, and comorbidity in colorectal cancer. The projects will help foster a critical approach to evidence-based medicine and inform their future careers.

Later this year we will be also be hosting students undertaking an MSc in Data Science and Analytics. The MSc draws on expertise from across the University including the Schools of Mathematics, Computing, Geography and Business. Members of our core team will be co-supervising dissertation projects that interpret a colorectal cancer question, covering data elucidation, analysis, and application.

Image credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Nick Youngson / Alpha Stock Images