Background to the UK Colorectal Cancer Intelligence Hub

Bowel cancer is a major public health problem. Each year in the UK over 41,000 people are diagnosed with the disease and 16,000 die from it.* Despite huge investment in care and research there remains major variations in diagnosis, treatment and outcome.

How data can help

There are existing datasets covering all aspects of care, which could be used to improve cancer outcomes. However, access for researchers to link and exploit these datasets is limited. The Hub is robustly linking multiple electronic data sources. This intelligence will underpin patient choice and help individuals reduce their risk of disease and access the best care.


Funded by Cancer Research UK, the Hub is creating a COloRECTal Repository (CORECT-R). This secure data repository contains a huge array of data from across the cancer pathways of diagnosis, treatment and outcome. These data will be available to all researchers who hold the necessary ethical and regulatory approvals.

For more information please email us at bci@leeds.ac.uk.

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*For bowel cancer statistics visit the Cancer Research UK website.