Meet the Team

Under the overall leadership of Professor Eva Morris, there are four Hub work streams:

  • Engagement, this work stream is led by Chris Carrigan and underpins our Patient-Public Group and our Expert Advisory Group. These groups provide direction and oversight and ensure the Hub remains focussed on providing intelligence to advance bowel cancer care.
  • Data, this work stream delivers secure and robust data in line with regulatory permissions.
  • Methods, this work stream is led by Dr Amy Downing and focuses on developing, evaluating and applying the right methods to exploit CORECT-R’s data.
  • Health economics, this work stream is led by Dr Peter Hall at the University of Edinburgh, and investigates population level healthcare resource usage, and the associated costs and efficiency of managing bowel cancer.

We also have a team of Research Fellows working on exemplar projects. These projects include supporting earlier diagnosis, enhancing the uptake of screening programmes, and understanding inequalities in bowel cancer outcomes. If you have any queries about the Hub please contact us at